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  • Campers - How to Use Swingyde

    In this video, I share how to use the awesome More Pars Swingyde. It is designed to help you learn how to HINGE properly, which in turn, will help to keep the club on plane. If you do not have the Swngyde, head to to get yours.

  • Rotation Matchups - What's Best For You?

    Rotation Matchups means pairing your body pivot wand release pattern for more consistency. I cover in detail how to find the best matchup for your swing style.

  • Hands Straight Down for Better Ball Striking

    If you want more pars, but struggle with less than solid shots, try this cue to help get your ball striking back on track.

  • QUICK TIP: Are Your Tees Breaking?

    Are Your Tees Breaking? If so, that could be a tell-tale sign that your too steep.

  • QUICK TIP: Early Extension Can Cause Back Pain

    If you struggle from lower back pain, let's make sure that you are firing the obliques and not the lower back.

  • Driver Donkey Kicks (hitting behind)

    Are you hitting behind with your driver and cannot figure out why, then this tip is for you. I examine a few popular culprits with cues to fix.

  • SWING ARC 101 let’s dive deep for that baby draw

    If you want more pars and that baby draw, but instead struggle from less than solid shots off the tee and fairway, let's take a close look at what the swing arc is and how that affects swing direction. From there, we’ll tackle the culprits that stand in the way of swinging in-to-out for that draw...