This collection of exercises can be a stand-alone workout or mixed in with the More Pars Training collection of workouts, particularly the Mobility Series. Designed to help you develop better strength with stability. Being able to stabilize your body throughout the golf swing is paramount from address all the way to your finish. If you cannot stabilize, power leaks can enter the picture. These can take the shape as a loss of posture, sways, slides, early extension and many more.

To help you build a power body for better golf, each exercise encompasses at least one of the Power Matrix (Vertical, Rotary, Chop, Wrist & Core Power), which represents the More Pars golf-specific training. The key to success for any workout is clean form, performing with intensity and for short periods.


Gym or Home
Optional resistance bands
MIX IT UP AND HAVE FUN! Christina has created lots of fun programs such as Resistance Bands, Plyometerics, Bells & Bars, Power Lifting for Golfers, CardioGolf workouts and more!

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  • Stability - Walk on the Bridge

    • Get into a bridge position
    • Move feet away from you
    • Maintain elevated hips
    • Keep arms by side or overhead
    • Lift one leg, lower, then switch
    • March your legs back and forth, maintaining level hips

  • Stability - Stairway to Pars

    • Take a plank position
    • Walk your hands to right, then walk them to the left
    • Maintain level hips throughout the movement

  • Stability - Hamstring Fall

    • Get on your knees with an engaged torso
    • Fall back slowly toward your heels
    • Keep a straight line from head to knee—or
    from head to hip if too challenging
    • Rise back up maintaining straight line

  • Stability - Clap Pushup

    • From the bottom of a push-up, explode up and clap your hands
    • Release back down into a push-up
    • Press into the mat with force to create enough energy to propel you high enough to clap

  • Stability - Hand Release Pushup

    • Perform a push-up from toes or knees
    • At the bottom of the move, release your hands off the mat
    • Replace your hands to drive back up to full extension with your arms

    The magic in this exercise is to maintain a rigid body (engaged)
    throughout the movement. Do not worm your way u...

  • Stability - Hop Skotch Plank

    • Take a plank position on your hands
    • Jump your legs up and crisscross them
    • Each time, cross over the other leg
    • Keep torso quiet throughout

    Add challenge by creating height to the movement while keeping your torso quiet and hands firm to the mat.

  • Stability -Walk the Plank

    • Take a plank position on your hands
    • Walk your hands to right, then walk them to the left
    • Maintain level hips throughout the movement

    The magic of this exercise is to move only your hands, while keeping your hips level, feet planted and torso quiet (no rocking).

  • Mobility - Warrior

  • Stability - Donkey Kicks

    • Get on all fours
    • Lift one leg up, squeezing glutes at top of move
    • Extend lifted leg straight to add challenge
    • Add a kick and elevate both legs for ultra-challenge
    • Not a donkey fan? No worries, lift your leg without the kick

  • Stability -Jumping Plank

    • Take a plank position on your hands
    • Hop several times to the right with your feet close together
    • Hop back to the left several times
    • Maintain a quiet torso with hands pressed firmly into mat

    Increasing speed and height of hops, adds a fun challenge.

  • Stability - Hollow Rock Pulses

    • Wrap a light band around bottom of ankles
    • Hollow out your midline (press ribs
    and core into the back of mat)
    • Raise legs first—if it feels easy, lift torso
    • Place hands lightly behind head
    for ultra challenge
    • Pulse your legs slowly in and out

  • Stability - Triangle for Posture

    • Wrap a band around your foot and hands
    • Pull one knee in to your chest
    • Let your hands take over as they reach back
    overhead in a U shape
    • Hands lead the way as elbows touch the mat
    • Finish the move with your hands reaching the mat
    • Slowly release and repeat

  • Stability - How to Hinge

    The ability to hinge is paramount for fitness movements and
    your golf swing. When your swing is off, it may be that you’re
    dipping your knees to create the hinge. This typically creates
    a C-Posture (butt-tuck with a rounded back.) Instead, grab a
    club and place it on your hips. With a straight ba...

  • Stability - Leg Raise + How-to-Squat

    • Place your hands in your hip joints, as you allow the torso to bend and face the mat
    • Send your behind back as you add knee flex
    • Drop down as low as you can go, keeping your
    knees within your toe line
    • Maintain lumbar curve throughout movement

  • Stability with a MedBall

    • Place your feet on the center of a medball
    • Bridge up as high as you can and squeeze glutes at the top of the move to elevate higher
    • Keep hands on mat or raise overhead

  • Stability - Downward Dog Reach

    • Take a plank position on your hands
    • Extend your hips up, creating a V with your body
    • Press into the mat firmly with your hands and feet to raise your hips as high as possible
    • Reach one arm to the opposite foot
    • Hold for a beat and alternate