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5 Weeks to Awesome Ball Striking

Week 2 - Finding Your Grip Pressure

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  • Week 2 - Why You Need to Clean Your G...

    Let’s make your your club’s grips are in good form. I find that many players, let their grips go to shambles with worn out patches, slippery due to oil on the grips. Instead, let’s inspect them and clean them.

  • WEEK 3 - Welcome to Swing Plane & Dir...

    This week is all about getting you on plane and making sure your swing direction is pointed in the right direction during the downswing to achieve your desired ball flight. Posture plays critical role in this effort so we will spend some time grooving this as well. Static at address posture as we...

  • Week 3 - Swing Plane & Direction Defined

    Let’s define Swing Plane (arc) and direction so you are conceptually on board. Many players are not clear why you need to swing out to the right to stay on plane and in your posture.