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  • Get More Height & Clean Thump

    If you want more pars, let's focus on a clean thump with an abbreviated follow-through. Where payers go off is their passionate effort to get some height, they scoop the ball out. Let's change that now.

  • Get the Chest Through (here's why)

    If you want more pars, but struggle with less than solid shots, then let’s look at your chest. Is it getting through enough?

  • How to Putt Like Cameron Smith

    If you want more pars, let’s adopt a few keys from Cameron Smith’s awesome stroke. He’s doing something that you ain’t. So, let’s get to it!

  • Are you a Hand Lifter?

    If you want more pars and more distance with accuracy, let’s make sure you are not lifting your hands too early during the takeaway. Keeping your hands low throughout the early part of the swing sets the stage for a successful backswing with width.

  • You're Losing Hip Flexion (butt why?)

    If you want more pars but cannot stay in your posture, let’s identify body culprits so you can then resolve them. Your body is messing with your golf swing! Let’s find out why.

  • Target Practice for Putting

    If you want more pars, let’s get your putting energy up to par. How do you control the pace of your putts? The best way is to focus on your backstroke. And the first step is determine your signature energy. Everyone’s will be unique to them.

  • Help! I Cannot Stay in My Golf Posture? (I’m outta balance)

    If you want more pars, but for the life of ya, you cannot stay in your posture throughout the swing, then let’s check your balance points. They play a key role in with posture during the backswing and downswing.

  • Chips Rolling Out Past the Pin? (try this it works!)

    If you want more pars, but your balls are rolling past the pin then this tip is for you. I share an easy way to control the excessive rollouts with your pitch and chip shots.

  • How to Keep Your Head Centered

    Let’s keep your head centered with the help of Karen’s CardioGolf Slope! Learn how to use it at home and at the range.

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  • Why You Keep Coming Out of Golf Posture

    If you want more pars, let’s examine the popular reason why you physically cannot stay in your posture. Fluctuating your hip flexion wreaks havoc on your golf shots. And it typically begins right at setup.

  • Which Finish Is You? (and why it matters)

    If you want more pars and more distance with accuracy, let’s make sure you are not just an arm swinger. We can assess this by taking a look at your finish.

  • What's Your Wedge Style Steep or Shallow?

    If you want more pars, we need to identify if you are a steep or shallow player. Why? So you can get the best wedges for your style and understand how both affect your shots.

  • Mobility & Swing Keys with the Toolbox

    Awesome routine for mobility and swing keys. Can you can so it anywhere. Head to the link below and get @martinchuckpga Tour Striker Toolbox @tourstrikergolf. It’s so versatile. I’ll be posting lots of tips using this because there are so many ways to use it.


  • Train the Golf Sequence

    If you want more pars, join myself and CardioGolf.com creator Karen Jansen for at home and on the range practice. In this episode, we will work on getting the golf sequence up to par.

  • Training Aid-Pressure Plate

    If you want more pars and struggle with moving your pressure properly throughout the golf swing, then head to the link below to get the Pressure Plate by WHY Golf. It’s really awesome. I do not like hitting balls off this but it is really good range and at home practice.

  • What's Causing You to Stall Out during the downswing?

    If you want more pars, get out of your own way. Many players get roadblocked (stalled out) with their body rotation. Instead we need freedom to rotate to get the max speed with accuracy,

  • How to Stop Smothering the Ball!

    If you want more pars but you’re topping and chunking the heck out of it, let’s examine a popular smother culprit.

  • Uh-Oh! The Missing Wrist Hinge

    If you’re struggling to get any distance or your ball striking seems anemic, let’s make sure that you are actually hinging the club. Many players - especially newer to the game—do not have trail hand wrist hinge. This makes the downswing too much work.

  • STOP! You're Overdoing Your Backswing

    If you want more pars, let's make sure that you are not over doing your backswing and/or adding too much horizontal hinge. Both of which create big hooks, pulls or topped, chunked shots.

  • Speed at the Right Spot

    Where is the max speed of your golf swing? Many players’ max speed is expended during the transition. Instead, the max speed should be just after the ball. This is key to understand and then train it.

  • Popular Takeaway Mistake

    Low & Rotate (not high & lift) If you want more pars but struggle with topped, fat, slices and pulled golf shots then let’s check your hands through the swing. Are they lifting too soon? I share a great drill to help cure this situation.

  • Rubberband Effect for Speed & Sequence

    Grab a rubber band and let’s get your golf swing more like a rubber band. This is a blending of the back sand downswing to create effortless warp speed power.

  • Understanding the Butt Move

    During week 1 of the 5 Weeks to Awesome Ball Striking, we examined your ability to activate our glutes. This is why so you can use it to activate your legs which in turn activates more ground pressure for crazy power and speed..effortless.

  • Get Really Good Inside 100 yards with Distance Wedges

    Many players struggle inside 100 yards. If you’re one of them, let’s make sure that you are rotating enough and have enough forward shaft lean. I find that players just use their arms and get real wrists when they get closer to the green. That’s a BIG NO-NO. So let’s change that to a YES-YES for ...