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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

5 Weeks to Awesome Ball Striking

Week 4 - Detailed FlexClick Tips

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  • Week 4 - Practice Impact 3 Ways at Home

    I share 3 fun and measurable ways to practice at home.
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  • WEEK 5 - Welcome to Speed

    Let’s Get More Swing Speed This Week!

    Welcome to Week 5. Woo Hoo! You’re doing awesome. This week ties it all together. Before adding speed, you first need an awesome grip, to be on plane, and to have an awesome impact position. If you add speed to an off-plane swing with poor impact, your ball ...

  • Week 5 - Understanding Deceleration

    If you want more clubhead speed, you need to be able to decelerate. Putting on the brakes so the next body part …and finally clubhead can whip through at warp speed. This is critically important to understand if you want to increase your clubhead speed. In fact, it’s a huge game changer once you ...