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5 Weeks to Awesome Ball Striking

Drill to Groove Hip Flexion using Toolbox

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Up Next in Season 1

  • Week 3 - Hands vs Clubhead

    I received an awesome question about swing direction out to the right. Do the hands and/or clubhead swing out to the right? This is important to understand so you do not make this mistake.

  • Week 3 - Train Setup with the Toolbox

    Your setup needs to be correct as it sets the stage for how the swing will progress. For example, if you are open with your shoulder line at setup, your swing plane will mist likely be over the the top. If your ball position is off, same deal. So setup is paramount!

    To train your Setup to get an...

  • Week 3 - Drill for Width with Band

    Why You Need Width. To stay on plane you need your hands as far from your head as possible. A good measurement is examine your trail arm at the top of your swing. Is it less than 90 degrees or is it shaped more like a V?

    Get your on