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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

Equipment Series -Drivers

Equipment & Training Aids • 3m 47s

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  • Patty and her Equipment (well sort of)

    Can I just use my husband’s clubs?
    Watch video to learn how to get a workout and play golf…well…try to play.

    Many newer players struggle with hitting every club the same distance. Why is that? The answer is clubhead speed and technique. These are the key factors to...

  • Equipment Series -Newer Golfers

    Should new golfers be fitted?
    The less skilled you are, the more you need custom-fit equipment. Custom clubs are not just for low handicappers and pros. They could play well with garden tools. The worse (or newer) you are, the more you need clubs that match you and your swing properly. The game h...

  • Equipment Series - No Change Required

    How many players get a fitting and walk away with the same clubs?
    Getting fitting is paramount to ensure they are optimized. You may discover after your fit in that your clubs are indeed perfect for you. This provides an ultra-boost of confidence. Bottomline; get fitted to find out.