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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

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  • Camper Gary

    In this episode, we meet Gary from Hawaii. He struggles with his backswing (going too long and not deep enough with the hands. On the downswing he has a little bit of a slide which affects his low point. If you struggle with this too, you’ll learn how to resolve as I work with Gary!

  • Camper Kate from the UK

    Join Christina as she helps More Pars Campers improve their swings. The first step is a detailed analysis followed by drills and feels to resolve and groove after camp. Get inspired for your own game.

    In this episode we meet Kate from the UK. She struggles with locking out her trail leg during ...

  • Camper Janet

    Meet Janet! She struggles with her ball striking. Christina does a detailed swing analysis and then helps Janet get there with swing feels, cues and drills. Get inspired by Janet for your game!