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How to Determine Grip Pressure

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An Awesome Grip

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  • How to Determine Grip Pressure

    One of the main reasons we wear a glove is to keep a firm hold on the club during the swing. If we are too firm, the club cannot hinge and unhinge. Plus, the club is moving upwards of 100 miles per hour, so it is important to have the right grip pressure.

  • Grip Culprit

    If you are missing your shots off to the right (or left), the first place to look is your grip.

  • Understanding Golf Posture

    There are two kinds of golf posture: Static and Dynamic.
    In this section, let’s identify the keys for both. Static posture is your address position. Dynamic posture is your swing’s posture in motion. Posture is comprised of bends and tilts (rotation), which keeps the concept of posture simple.