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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

Up Next in Short Game Training (companion booklet series)

  • Process & Technique: Set-Up

    Process & Technique: Set-Up
    – Based on club and shot choice, what is ball & shaft and weight position
    – Alignment process is paramount too


  • Process & Technique: Assess the Situa...

    Training Process & Technique: Assess the Situation
    -What’s your lie and lay of the land?
    -How much green have you got?
    -Are they fast or slow or undulating?
    -Wind in play?
    -How much carry?
    -Based on that you going high or low?


  • Process & Technique - Timing & Energy

    Process & Technique: Timing & Energy
    – Patience is required with shots around the green.
    – Get soft and stable.
    – Unlike the long game allow club to go first with chipping.