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  • Find Your Swing Tempo

    If you want more pars, but struggle with a consistent rhythm and tempo, then let's go ahead and find your signature tempo with this great practice session. So, let’s get to it!

  • Do You Need Spine Extension?

    If you want more pars, but you're not really sure if you need spine extension or maybe you're not clear what it is? There is not one way to swing the club and that includes your backswing. I explain the pros and cons of spine extension, so you can determine if it's right for you. So let's get to it.

  • Why you MUST Release the Knee

    If you want more pars but you're struggling with contact or you have no distance, let's make sure you're releasing the front knee. If you don't, you'll limit your hip and torso rotation, which is why you're experiencing power failure. So, let's get to it!

  • Connection and Swing Direction (are pals)

    If you want more pars, but you really struggle with contact and distance and accuracy then let's go ahead and get you connected. Head to MissPar.com to get my connection band. It's awesome. You can use it for your short game and long game. And then we’ll dive into (once you are connected) swingin...

  • How the Shoulders Move (avoid this BIG mistake)

    If you want more pars, but you're really struggling with contact. You top and chunk your shots. Your low point is all over the place, then let's take a look at your shoulders throughout the swing. They play a key role in helping you get through the shot. I share the yes in the no’s, so you can cl...

  • Top 5 Tips for More Compression

    If you want more pars, but struggle with less than solid shots either from the fairway or off the tea then let's get you better compression. This translates to more energy when you strike the ball. Energy can be measured with smash factor. We want to increase our smash factor to create better com...

  • SMOOTH OUT YOUR TRANSITION (5 tips + Drills)

    If you want more pars but struggle with your transition resulting in wayward tee shots and poor contact from the fairway, then let’s identify the TOP 5 popular culprits. Once we identify, then you’ll need a remedy to smooth it out with feels and cues to use for practice and course So, let’s get t...

  • Wrist Hinge Simplified

    If you want more pars, let's make sure you understand how your wrists operate in the golf swing. They actually work differently from one another. Understanding how they work independently is a simple approach to ensuring that you are hinging correctly. So, let's get to it.

  • SOLID WOODS lots of great tips

    If you want more pars, but struggle with the woods (topping or chinking) then let's get you solid. I share key swing principles as well as lots of great tips and cues to help you get the distance that you deserve.

    So let's get to it!

  • DRIVER LAUNCH ESSENTIALS setup & in-motion keys

    If you want more pars, let’s get your driver setup up to par including your alignment. I share popular culprits and lots of keys for launch success. Plus, I share must-know in-motion keys to ensure that you launch this puppy long and on target. So, let’s get to it.

  • Short Game Simplified & Pro-Like

    If you want more pars and a simplified technique (that the Pros use) around the green to create balls that check-up near the pin. How? Stay wide on either side of the fence. Minimal wrist hinge creates a super simple short game technique for your short chip shots, 30-50 yard wedge shots and bunke...


    If you want more pars, but struggle with the really long greenside bunker shot, then let’s begin with a smart club choice. From there, join me as I practice and share the keys for success. Plus, I always recommend getting fitted for your wedges. I did and I love my PXGs. It really is paramount to...


    If you want more pars, let's check how much (or little) your head moves from address to just past impact. We'll look at a variety of Touring Pros to examine if there is a pattern. We'll use the help of a yellow box to determine how much the pros move and how you can use this same measurement to c...

  • PRO-LIKE WRIST BOW vs. cupped

    If you want more pars, let’s get the overly cupped lead wrist outta the bag and replace with it some bowing. Bowing the lead wrist does a few great things for your swing. I explain these keys and popular culprits of why a cupped wrist is no bueno. So, let’s get to it.


    If you want more pars, let’s get your backswing more pro-like. Understanding the simple keys to help you improve your backswing will make the downswing that much easier so you can get the slice, weak-rights, pulls and no distance outta the bag. I share cues and feels to help you get down and arou...


    If you want more pars, but you’re struggling with achieving solid ball striking consistently, then let’s groove your impact position AND sequence with the help of an impact bag. he bag between the legs is ideal for players that are a little overactive with the legs during the back or downswing, ...

  • SEQUENCE KILLER the back foot & the fox

    If you want more pars, but struggle from less than solid shots off the tee and fairway, let’s take a look at your trail foot. Players that are upper body dominant typically have the back foot as the partner in crime. Instead, of trying to tackle the upper body, focus on the back foot. Keep it pl...

  • Step Drill for Sequencing with Nick & Christina

  • the HARRY POTTER move

    I am a firm believer that there is no cookie-cutter swing. Everyone is unique. That said, we do need certain variables for successful ball striking. Kimberly is a great example of a unique swing. She called it “the Harry Potter move”. I called it the “Twirly-Twirl” that resembled a Matthew Wolff...


    If you want more pars, let’s take a look at one of the cleanest swings on the LPGA TOUR. Can you guess who that is? I share three keys from her swing that you can copy for your own swing. We dive into hip rotation, transition, lead wrist during the downswing and more. Plus, we get a surprise visi...

  • SADDLE UP to understand the Kinematic Sequence

    If you want more pars, head to your local horse saddlery and get yourself a horse whip to groove sequence. You can also flip your driver upside down or use a shaft. The sequence is technically called the Kinematic Sequence which represents the order of events during the downswing: Legs–Thorax/Ob...


    If you want more pars but struggle with blocks, slices or pulls, then let’s make sure that you have enough forward bend on the downswing. Players that early extend, come over the top (upper body dominant) or simply stand up, are missing the all-important forward bend. To get even a little, you ne...

  • Get More Width – not collapsy

    If you want more pars, but struggle with solid ball striking, then let’s make sure that you are not collapsing on either side of the fence. You’re the fence post. We need width on either side to stay on the swing arc for MUCH better ball striking. So, let’s get to it!

  • TWO STEEP CULPRITS (don't skirt the issue)

    If you want more pars, but struggle with no distance or wayward shots, let’s make sure that you are not cheatin’ during the takeaway, leaving your chest in the dust OR pulling the handle down in an effort to drop the hands into the slot. So, let’s get to it!