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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

5 Weeks to Awesome Ball Striking

Week 3 - My Swing Trainer for spot-on Alignment

3m 27s

Up Next in Season 1

  • Week 3 - Karen & Christina Posture & ...

    Join myself and Karen Jansen ( creator of CardioGolf) to train at home and at the range. We’ll groove your posture in this tip. Grab a water bottle and Karen's Slope.

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  • Week 3 - Open Up Your Spine

    To stay in golf posture as you move at warp speed requires a mobile spine.
    Grab a towel and as you lie down, place it on the upper part of your back or even better, use the arc of the Cardio Slope to help open your back. It is amazing. I do it all the time.

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  • Mobility & Swing Keys with the Toolbox

    Awesome routine for mobility and swing keys. Can you can so it anywhere. Head to the link below and get @martinchuckpga Tour Striker Toolbox @tourstrikergolf. It’s so versatile. I’ll be posting lots of tips using this because there are so many ways to use it.