Fringe Play

Fringe Play

If you want more pars, but struggle with contact when you find your ball on the fringe, the first thing to look at is which way is the grass growing? From there, you can craft a smart game play. Why is the fringe tricky? Depending on the direction of the grass, it can catch your club. Yikes! So, in this playlist, I play out several scenarios so you can have more success from the fringe. So, let’s get to it!

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Fringe Play
  • Fringe Keys for Newer Players

  • Can I Move My Ball on the Fringe?

  • Assess the Fringe

    My shot off they tee came up a bit short on this Par 3. No worries. I’ll assess my options and see what I’ve got to work with.

    First thing I check is the lie. It’s sitting pretty and the fringe is behaving. Sometimes the direction of your shot goes against the grain which means that your club ca...

  • Fringe Play: 4 Plays

    My ball is on the fringe, and the green is fairly flat. We’ve had some rain so they are not too speedy. With a flat green and a ball that's sitting pretty on the fringe, I’ve got options. We’ll play 4 here and hope to get all 4 within the 3-foot circle. This is a great practice session, too!

  • Against the Fringe

    Have you ever hit it fat and wonder what the heck. It may not have been you but the fringe!

  • Ball on Fringe Collar

    My ball landed just off the green and it is sitting on the collar. A collar is where longer fringe meets shorter fringe. Now many of you would grab a SW, but I say when you can putt it …putt it!

  • Fringe Putt

    When you can putt it… putt it. Now keep in mind when putting off the green, you’ll need to accommodate for the extra stuff you have to get over.

  • Ball on the Fringe - Chip or Putt?

    How do you judge the speed when you find your ball on the fringe. Here's how.