Groove Line

Groove Line

You can have the best alignment in the world, but if your ball doesn’t start on that intended line, then your putt is in trouble. Instead, let’s make sure your alignment is awesome and that your ball starts off on the correct line. So, let’s get to it!

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Groove Line
  • Grab a Flag to Groove Path

  • Narrow Your Focus

    I made this game up and love it’s focused training for short putts. All you'll need are a few tees to play this game.

  • Grab a Tee for Path

  • Stay in Your Lane

    How good is your pace and line? let's find out by setting up rope highways. Your job is to stay in your lane. Set-up wide to narrow which is ultra challenging and fun!

  • Croquet Anyone?

    One of my favorite fun ways to practice putting using croquet set. You can work on breaking or straight putts of any length to groove speed and line. Head here to get these:

  • Staggered Tees is Fun

    I learned this fun one at our TPI Golf 3 certification. It trains start line and pace. All you'll need are a few tees to play this game.

  • Humpty Dumpty Off the Tee

    I love this fun game--knocking Humpty off the Tee is not as easy as it looks. The hole is the tee and that tee is tiny. Knock it off and you are putting lights out!

  • Day5-Putt-Line-CoolMarker-V

  • Line Tips with a Cool Marker (how cool)

  • Penny to Fix an Overactive Head

    Do you have an overactive head when you putt? If so, you are missing the cup. Excessive movement with thy head, throws your shoulder line off, which in turn will throw off your putt's line. Instead, grab a penny and use it to calm those thoughts between thy ears.

  • Two Tees and a Penny

    PGA Pro Kevin Sprecher shares two great drills for putting. Place two tees about half-way to the hole on the intended line. Your objective is to putt your ball through the tees. This drill helps you pick the correct line and ensures your alignment is spot-on.

    Grab a penny from your pocket to gro...