Positions & Body Parts

Positions & Body Parts

Understanding the positions from set-up to finish. Plus, let's break it down further with a focus on a specific body part that influences the swing. A great section to fix wayward shots, lack of distance or gaining the knowledge to become a smarter golfer.

Positions & Body Parts
  • Set-Up from the Fairway

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    If you want to be a great ball striker, then you really need to focus on your set ups. A solid set up sets the stage for a great swing. A poor set up makes the golf swing too much work. A poor set-up is often the true cause of a player’s swing faults. By adjusting for example, your ball position ...

  • Posture
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    The Golf Swing is very athletic and requires a solid set up to produce and efficient movement pattern. The way in which we address the ball is what we call posture. For example, how we get into that address position by hinging from our hips, establishing the correct forward ben with our torso is ...

  • Grip
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    12 items

    The grip MUST be awesome, else your shots won't be. How we place our hands on the grip plays a significant role in how the club hinges and unhinges throughout the swing. So how we place our hands on the club is very important. So, let’s get to it.

  • Trail Hand

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    What is the role of your trail hand and The Golf Swing? Let’s find out in this playlist. So, let’s get to it.

  • Master Set-ups

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    Let's get you up to par with your set-ups with all your clubs. A solid set-up will set the stage for a more efficient golf swing.