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Power Training Series

Power Technique - Ep 5

1m 58s

Up Next in Section II - POWER TECHNIQUE

  • Power Technique - Ep 6

    What is the swing plane? It's a titled circle. Understanding the variables of this swing arc that will effect your set-up, attack angle and ultimately distance and trajectory

    What is ATTACK ANGLE?

    The up or down movement of the club head at the time of maximum compression. Attack angle is me...

  • Power Technique - Ep 7

    Understanding Spin and Dimples
    What gets the ball up and on its merry way?

  • Power Technique - Ep 8

    Understanding Spin Variables

    Spin rate (backspin, not forward spin) has a major influence on the height and distance of a shot. Spin is created through your clubhead speed and spin loft (direction clubhead is moving and the face orientation at the point of impact).

    Let’s use...