Power Training Series

Power Training Series

5 Seasons

Welcome to Your More Pars Power Training!
In-depth Series to help you understand how distance and accuracy is achieved.

First and foremost, welcome! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help you achieve more distance and power in your golf game. Golf is a demanding sport, both physically and mentally. It demands our full attention to be great. I think we can agree that hitting the ball really far is exhilarating! Plus, it makes the game easier. In order to get that distance, there are three core modules that work as a team to get you big distance:


Three Power Training Modules work together as a team to produce more distance and solid ball striking. If one of these modules is not up to par, the others will be forced to scramble. By optimizing all three, you’ll experience significant gains in distance, more accuracy and lots more pars. These three modules along with your game goals will pave a path to achieving significant gains in your distance off the tee and from the fairway.

Your body is designed to output tremendous power, if you train for it. What can your body produce for power today? Knowing this is paramount for change tomorrow

Players who go long on the Tour often only have a wedge into the green. They rake in the money. As recreational players, we can adopt their power techniques, such as optimizing the kinematic sequence for an efficient and powerful swing.

Optimizing your equipment parameters such as length, lie, loft, flex, and CG profile are very important. Your shoes, grips and apparel play a key role as well.

Understand. Measure. Train!

Power Training Series
  • 5 Tips for Success

    Episode 1

    More Pars Power Training – 5 Tips for Success
    Part of your training includes understanding why the ball starts in a particular direction. Some other factors includes face and path relationship. Understanding the principles of Ball Flight and to determine your preferred flight. The affects of wind...

  • Power Training Goals

    Episode 2

    To optimize your distance off the tee, we’ll focus on:

    - Launch & Spin: How high and how much is the ball spinning in in what direction is it spinning affects curvature.
    - Impact Point: Where on the face are you striking?
    - Ball Speed: How fast the ball flies determines distance along with luanc...

  • Why Power is Important

    Episode 3

    Inside this Section

    What is Power?
    What’s Your Engine?
    Understanding Your Muscles
    How We Train Golf Power
    Power & Strength Assessments
    Mobility & Stability Assessments

    In this section, we will focus on the most important piece of equipment. Your body! It is designed to provide tremendous power,...

  • Let’s Define Power

    Episode 4

    Let’s Define Power. What is it?

    The rate at which you produce a force—strong and fast—equals power. As golfers, applying this equation can produce incredible distance gains. The first step is to understand what power is. The second is to train our bodies to produce that ...

  • Power Safety

    Episode 5

    Safety First

    Your safety should be your number one priority. Please honor your body (as they say in yoga) and make sure that you are mobile and stable before performing any of the More Pars Training protocols with weight. In fact, you’ll run through the TPI Level 1 Screens, which will provide a ...

  • Understanding Your Muscles

    Episode 6

    Muscles are created by the workouts that we do. Muscles are made up of fibers, lots and lots of them. Based on what we are asking our muscles to do, the command center— the Central Nervous System—will send the appropriate signals to get the job do...

  • Training for Power versus Training to Look Good

    Episode 7

    Training for Power versus Training to Look Good

    The difference between training for power and training to get just tone is how we train. The goal is to recruit more muscle fibers that will help us generate power in our golf game. The first step is to assess your current body now and to determine...

  • Golf Power - 4 Methods

    Episode 8

    Your Power Training incorporates four major sources in the body, as they relate to golf: Vertical, Rotary, Chop and Wrist Power. You’ll train using four methods: Strength, Speed, Strength + Speed and Opposite Side.


  • 4 Power Body Modules

    Episode 9

    4 Power Body Modules

    Your Power Training incorporates four major sources in the body, as they relate to golf: Vertical, Rotary, Chop and Wrist Power.

    Many Tour players jump 3-4 inches and the long driver hitters 5+ (inches) through impact. Vertical thrust creates tremendous explo...

  • Optional Gear for Training

    Episode 10

    These training tools are all optional. However, in order to take full advantage of this program, I highly recommend you get as many as you can. Use google to find them.