Explore tips for shots around the green including putting, bunker, pitch and chip shots.

  • In-Depth Putt Series

    1 season

    Putting represents lots of strokes during a round. As the other areas of the game, it all begins at set-up. You'll learn great techniques for green reading, dialing in your distance and understanding what type of putter you need for your style of stroke. So, let's get to it!

  • Putting Essentials

    8 items

    Putting represents 50% or more of a your strokes during a round of golf, so it is paramount that you master the set-up, stroke and process for sinking more putts. So, let’s get to it!

  • Chip Essentials

    24 items

    If you want more pars, let’s get your chipping up to par with this essentials playlist that covers what you need to know for your set-up and in-motion performance keys. So, let’s get to it.

  • Bunker Essentials

    14 items

    How do you escape the sand unharmed? With this playlist. The first step is training your set-up and in-motion outside of the bunker. In fact, the bunker shot is the same technique as the flop shot. So you’ll learn two shots for the practice of one. How handy. So, let’s get to it!

  • Slopes Around the Green

    24 items

    The world is not flat and neither are golf courses. Many players are unclear of how to set-up and execute shots from slopes. So whether it’s a ball below, above, sidehill, opposing or otherwise, you’ll learn all about it in this playlist. So, let’s get to it!

  • Equipment – Putters

    1 item

    Should I get fitted for my putter? What is putter loft or lie angle? Should I get toe hang or face balanced? In this playlist, your questions are magically answered. So, let’s get to it!

    MORE PARS TIP: If you have questions about your equipment, head to Coach Services for help. That’s an easy a...

  • Reading the Green

    9 items

    Reading the Green IN YOUR PREFERRED LANGUAGE is preferred. Reading the green is an art. There are several ways to read the green. In this playlist, I’ll cover a great technique used by many. As the playlist grows, I’ll be adding some other goodies such as AimPoint. So, let’s get to it!

  • Bunker Tough Shots

    10 items


    – What’s your lie and lay of the land?
    – How much green have you got?
    – Not always a sandwedge

    – Fried Egg (no frying pan required)
    – Ball close to the edge

    – Downslopes
    – Upslopes
    – Ball Below Feet
    – Ball Above Feet

    – Little ...

  • Bunker Blues - Drills to Fix Things

    8 items

    Let's jump in the sand and have some fun with these great practice ideas. Master the splash for more confidence and more pars.

  • Putting Set-Up

    10 items

    It all begins at set-up. Let’s get your set-up up to par with this targeted playlist. Great putting begins by understanding how your set-up can influence speed, line and loft. So let’s get to it.

  • Chip Finesse

    8 items

    No power required. The short game is finesse. No power required here. Instead, we need to feel the clubhead, feel the rhythm of the shot and get it close. Instead, players get anxious and end up chunking or blading the shot. Let’s change that now with an understanding about fitness and then how t...

  • Putting Practice

    15 items

    If you want more pars, practice your putting with these fun games. Putting represents most of your strokes during a round, yet few practice. I think it’s because players don’t know what, or how to practice putting. Problem solved in this playlist. So, let’s get to it!

  • Improve Speed

    7 items

    Dial it in for more pars. You’ll most likely not be that far off with your line, but you can be miles off with the speed. In fact, speed is king on the green after a spot—on set-up with a fitted putter. In this targeted playlist, we’ll groove speed from all distances so you can get lots more pars...

  • Groove Line

    13 items

    You can have the best alignment in the world, but if your ball doesn’t start on that intended line, then your putt is in trouble. Instead, let’s make sure your alignment is awesome and that your ball starts off on the correct line. So, let’s get to it!

  • Putting Stroke

    8 items

    The first step is a spot-on set-up and a properly fitted putter. After that, it’s all stroke baby. Your stroke needs to be your pals so your ball can start on it’s intended line and then cozy up or preferably into the hole. If your stroke is not your pal, then let’s identify possible culprits. So...

  • Putt Fixes

    15 items

    If you want more pars, but struggle with your putting, then this playlist is for you. We’ll cover set-up, line and speed culprits. Plus, things you can practice to groove your new skills. So, let’s get to it!

  • Groove Putt Contact

    10 items

    The key to a consistent contact point with the ball and putter’s face begins with a properly fitted putter and spot-on set-up. Once those are in check, the next to look at is the stroke itself. In this targeted playlist, let’s groove center face contact, so we can minimize those 3-putts and repla...

  • Short Putts

    7 items

    Back of the cup is the way to go for the short ones. The short putts are the pressure cookers. They are the ones that matter. They are the ones that can significantly lower your handicap and win some cookie dough. Yes, the 6 feet and in putts that we’d like to make more than we miss. In the targe...

  • Long Putts

    8 items

    Get into the vacation zone! The goal with long putts is the first one. It needs to be a winner. It needs to get into the vacation zone, which represents the tap-in range of 24 inches or less. Forget the 3-ft circle. That’s pressure for many, especially in a tournament situation. But the 24 inch p...

  • Master Set-ups

    15 items

    Let's get you up to par with your set-ups with all your clubs. A solid set-up will set the stage for a more efficient golf swing.

  • Long Greenside Bunker

    5 items

    LEAVE THE SAND WEDGE IN THE BAG. These are tricky little shots—or rather—long and tricky bunker shots. Oftentimes, we keep the sand wedge in the bag. Learn why, set-up and performance keys to get you out …and on with your life. So, let’s get to it!

  • High or Low?

    15 items

    High or Low? That is the question. Once you establish your lie and lay of the land, the big question to ask is trajectory. Keep it simple. Go high or go low. Here’s how in this targeted playlist. So, let’s get to it!

  • Pitch Shots

    18 items

    The 40-50-60yd shots are a pain point for many players. Let’s get you up to par with your wedge game in this playlist that covers everything you need to know to have a great wedge game with confidence. So, let’s get to it!

  • Improve Chip Contact

    15 items

    This is a great playlist that focuses on contact and nothing but the contact. Many players struggle with consistent low point and end up hitting behind or blading the ball. Instead, let’s get you striking your chips with a crisp clean feeling. So, let’s get to it!