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Stability - Oblique Twist

Stability Workout • 1m 33s

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  • Stability - Roll Up

    Many use their hip flexors to do core work. Instead, use your
    core to do core work. To test, cross your legs and attempt a
    roll-up. This takes your hip flexors out of the equation.

    • Lie on your back with arms out-stretched or crossed
    • Do not use arms for momentum
    • Keeping your l...

  • Stability - Plie Squat

    • Wide stance with flared feet
    • Get on your toes
    • Drop down as low as you can with good balance and knees tracking over toes
    • Hold for as long as you can
    • Add small pulses (up and down) to add challenge

  • Stability - Curtsy Lunge

    • Stand with arms extended out to sides
    • Kick one leg back behind you
    • Torso and head stay quiet throughout the curtsy
    • Drop down into a curtsy style lunge
    • Alternate between legs