Stability Workout

Stability Workout

This collection of exercises can be a stand-alone workout or mixed in with the More Pars Training collection of workouts, particularly the Mobility Series. Designed to help you develop better strength with stability. Being able to stabilize your body throughout the golf swing is paramount from address all the way to your finish. If you cannot stabilize, power leaks can enter the picture. These can take the shape as a loss of posture, sways, slides, early extension and many more.

To help you build a power body for better golf, each exercise encompasses at least one of the Power Matrix (Vertical, Rotary, Chop, Wrist & Core Power), which represents the More Pars golf-specific training. The key to success for any workout is clean form, performing with intensity and for short periods.


Gym or Home
Optional resistance bands
MIX IT UP AND HAVE FUN! Christina has created lots of fun programs such as Resistance Bands, Plyometerics, Bells & Bars, Power Lifting for Golfers, CardioGolf workouts and more!

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Stability Workout
  • Welcome - More Pars Fitness Mobility & Stability

  • Stability - Shoulder Taps

    • Get on all fours, hovering your knees
    • Slowly tap your opposite shoulder
    • Maintain a quiet pelvis and torso
    • Alternate taps

  • Stability W-I-Ys for Posture

  • Stability - Scapula Pro-Retracts for Posture

    If you struggle with C-Posture at your address position, where
    your upper back has a rounded appearance, then this exercise
    is for you. It trains scapula mobility and stability.

    • Entire body engaged
    • From plank position, sink your shoulder blades inward (retract)
    • Push them back...

  • Stability - Band Pull Aparts for Posture

    This is a great posture developer by targeting your upper back
    muscles and scapula stability.

    • Grip the band underhand
    • Stretch the band backward—lead the movement with
    your hands, not the elbows
    • Squeeze your shoulder blades at the top of the move
    • Slowly release

  • Stability W-I-Ys on a Ball for Posture

  • Stability Shoulder Pulses

  • Stability - Cobra Pushup

    • Take a low plank position with elbows bent
    • Raise your hips to initiate the descent under an imaginary fence
    • Once under the fence, extend arms to create a C with your body
    • Reverse the motion back to start position

  • Stability - Plank Bridge & Superman

    • Take a plank position on your forearms.
    • Extend one arm, while keeping your hips as level as possible
    1. Get as wide as you can to create a bridge with your body
    2. Fly like superman by squeezing glutes and raising arms and legs
    3. Back to forearm plank, lift one leg and hold, th...

  • Stability - One Arm Twist

    • Take a side plank position with your supporting elbow stacked directly under your shoulder
    • Rotate your torso until hips are fully facing mat
    • Repeat, then switch sides

  • Stability - Oblique Twist

    • Lie on your back with your arms and one leg extended
    • Mid- and lower torso in contact with the mat
    • With your hands in a prayer pose, reach over to the outer leg as far as you can reach
    • Return to center, then switch to the other side

  • Stability - Roll Up

    Many use their hip flexors to do core work. Instead, use your
    core to do core work. To test, cross your legs and attempt a
    roll-up. This takes your hip flexors out of the equation.

    • Lie on your back with arms out-stretched or crossed
    • Do not use arms for momentum
    • Keeping your l...

  • Stability - Plie Squat

    • Wide stance with flared feet
    • Get on your toes
    • Drop down as low as you can with good balance and knees tracking over toes
    • Hold for as long as you can
    • Add small pulses (up and down) to add challenge

  • Stability - Curtsy Lunge

    • Stand with arms extended out to sides
    • Kick one leg back behind you
    • Torso and head stay quiet throughout the curtsy
    • Drop down into a curtsy style lunge
    • Alternate between legs

  • Stability -Twisted Chair

    • Hinge from hips as you twist your torso in a prayer pose to one side
    • Brace your elbow against your knee to assist the depth of torso rotation
    • Remain as stable as possible while looking up to the sky, praying for more pars.

  • Stability - Spiderman Pushup

    • Take a wide stance with your hands
    • Drop down into a push-up, sending elbows down toward your toes—never flare your elbows
    • Send one leg over to one side while you drop down into a push-up
    • Drive back up as one unit (head to toe engaged) to full extension, then repeat with othe...

  • Mobility - Rainbow for Torso

    • Sit with legs bent and hands behind back
    • Lift yourself onto one side
    • Reach up and back with your extended arm, creating a “rainbow” with your torso

  • Stability -Slip Slidin' Away

    • Take a plank position
    • Place a towel under your feet on a slick surface
    • Slide your feet forward, while maintaining a quiet torso
    • The goal is to keep your pelvis and spine at the same level throughout the movement.

  • Stability - Wide Elbow Squat

    The key is to maintain a tall torso with wide elbows and knees throughout the move.

    • Descend into a squat with hands by head and elbows wide
    • Hold this bottom position for as long as you can or perform squats
    • Hips descend below knees

  • Stability - Bridge Variations

    • Begin on back with hands by your sides
    • Rise hips up as far as you can, while keeping shoulders on mat
    • Hands on mat or above chest (more challenging)
    • Hold for a beat, then drop down with control

  • Stability - Single Leg Pulses

    • Hinge from your hips from one leg
    • Allow torso to bend forward with hands reaching toward ground
    • Sink your bottom down until your top leg is parallel to the ground and your fingertips touch the mat
    • Rise back up and down in a pulse style move

  • Stability -Tricep Push-up

    • Lie on your side and place hand on shoulder
    • Other hand pressing into the mat with bent elbow
    • Press firmly into the mat with hand to raise your upper torso off mat
    • Extend elbow to full extension or as close as you can get to full lock out.
    • Slowly return to start position

  • Stability - Leg Raise

    • Lie on your back with your arms and legs extended
    • Mid- and lower torso in contact with the mat
    • Imagine you re holding a towel in your hands—pull
    outward to engage your core
    • Slowly, and with control, lower your legs as far as you
    can, until you feel your midline lose contact ...

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