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Mobility - Warrior

Stability Workout • 56s

Up Next in Stability Workout

  • Stability - Donkey Kicks

    • Get on all fours
    • Lift one leg up, squeezing glutes at top of move
    • Extend lifted leg straight to add challenge
    • Add a kick and elevate both legs for ultra-challenge
    • Not a donkey fan? No worries, lift your leg without the kick

  • Stability -Jumping Plank

    • Take a plank position on your hands
    • Hop several times to the right with your feet close together
    • Hop back to the left several times
    • Maintain a quiet torso with hands pressed firmly into mat

    Increasing speed and height of hops, adds a fun challenge.

  • Stability - Hollow Rock Pulses

    • Wrap a light band around bottom of ankles
    • Hollow out your midline (press ribs
    and core into the back of mat)
    • Raise legs first—if it feels easy, lift torso
    • Place hands lightly behind head
    for ultra challenge
    • Pulse your legs slowly in and out