The Butt Move Series

The Butt Move Series

8 Episodes

If you want more pars, let's awaken the buttocks. Many players focus on the hips (which is okay but not optimal). Instead, let's shift that focus to the rear…the glutes! They are one of the biggest muscle groups in the body and provide tremendous benefits for your golf swing. So, let's get to it!

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The Butt Move Series
  • Sam Snead did the Butt Move!

    Episode 1

    + Hip Spin versus Butt Engagement
    If you want more pars, but you're really not clear on the difference between engaging your butt and spinning the hips then this tip is for you. I also cover a lot of other questions like what if I don't have a butt and then the benefits of engaging. Plus, how to ...


    Episode 2

    If you want more pars, but struggle with power failure from the tee or fairway, let’s focus on the bottom line. How deep is your trail butt getting during the backswing and how deep is the lead butt getting during the downswing? Most players never get deep enough. In fact, they oftentimes move to...

  • Two Strong Cues to Maintain Golf Posture

    Episode 3

    Continuing in my Butt Move Series, let's help you take this move to the course. We'll focus on two really strong cues that are going to help you stay in your golf posture and create effortless golf shots whether from the tee or fairway. In addition, by clearing your hips in this manner, you'll cr...

  • How to Activate the Legs (featuring Michelle!)

    Episode 4

    If you want more pars, struggle with less than solid contact from the fairway then let's get you to bump bump to really engage your bottom line to help you stay in your posture and hit solid shots. I bring in Michelle Wie which shares a great cue to help you engage your legs better whether it's o...

  • BUTT MOVE: What if I have no butt?

    Episode 5

    If you want more pars, and you want to do the butt move but you feel like you don't have a but can you do it? The good news yes. The bad news, you'll have to work a little extra harder to get the "Butt Move" but it's absolutely possible. Plus, I share how to groove it with drills and exercises fo...

  • BOOM IT off the Clubface (groovin the butt move)

    Episode 6

    If you want more pars and you’re groovin’ the “butt move” then this tip will solidify even more WHY you need to do it. The butt move helps to leverage the power from the ground. Plus, I share a great example with Rory as our pro golfer. Plus, you can assess yourself to see if you really are using...

  • Wall Drill to Learn the Butt Move

    Episode 7

    If you want more pars, let’s train the butt move without a club. All you’ll need is a wall and a focus on rolling the butt on the wall as you keep your torso passive. This is step 1 to prepping your lower body for action. Watch Engage Butt Video next. So, let’s get to it.

  • Engage the Butt for Insane Ball Speed

    Episode 8

    If you want more pars but feel like your ball striking is anemic, then let me show you HOW to engage the butt with better hip flexion. This is such an important part of creating great golf posture resulting in extremely fast ball speeds. My campers are having great success. So, let’s get to it.