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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

The Butt Move Series

How to Activate the Legs (featuring Michelle!)

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  • BUTT MOVE: What if I have no butt?

    If you want more pars, and you want to do the butt move but you feel like you don't have a but can you do it? The good news yes. The bad news, you'll have to work a little extra harder to get the "Butt Move" but it's absolutely possible. Plus, I share how to groove it with drills and exercises fo...

  • BOOM IT off the Clubface (groovin the...

    If you want more pars and you’re groovin’ the “butt move” then this tip will solidify even more WHY you need to do it. The butt move helps to leverage the power from the ground. Plus, I share a great example with Rory as our pro golfer. Plus, you can assess yourself to see if you really are using...

  • Wall Drill to Learn the Butt Move

    If you want more pars, let’s train the butt move without a club. All you’ll need is a wall and a focus on rolling the butt on the wall as you keep your torso passive. This is step 1 to prepping your lower body for action. Watch Engage Butt Video next. So, let’s get to it.