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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

5 Weeks to Awesome Ball Striking

Week 2 - Grip Holds & Presses


Up Next in Season 1

  • Week 2 Grip Walks

    Let’s go for a walk. I am walking with 10lb plates. You can walk with anything heavy to develop grip strength. While you’re walking, film it to examine your gait. What are your feet doing? Check out the world of GOATA:

  • Grip Address Assess Activity

    So this being Week 2 with a focus on the Grip, let’s go ahead and assess your extension at address using the awesome HACKMOTION and optional Straight Stick’s molded grip feature (links below).

    STEP 1: What is your grip: Weak, Neutral, Strong or Really Strong? This is critically important to kno...

  • Week 2 - Finding Your Grip Pressure

    Let’s experiment with various grip pressures while hitting balls to determine on a 1-10 scale (10 being a death grip and 1 crazy light) what your number is.