Long Game Training (companion booklet series)

Long Game Training (companion booklet series)

This More Pars Training is a focus on your long game from the fairway. Our goal from the fairway is solid and long so we can get on the green in regulation.

1. Direction - Accuracy
2. Distance - Compression - angle of attack/ impact point
3. Tempo & Timing for Energy

IMPORTANT TIP: Please also explore 5 Weeks to AWESOME Ball Striking: https://www.morepars.tv/5-weeks-to-awesome-ball-striking

Misdiagnosing swing woes can send you to the wrong fairway. Instead, let’s truly educate you on the essentials of ball striking so you can see real change in your game. You’ll measure your current technique and process, so you have an accurate starting point. From there, you’ll apply your new knowledge of skills with training. I highly recommend working with a coach during this training or training with Christina through her PGA Coach Program: https://www.morepars.com/online-coaching/

Are you ready for GIRs? Let’s get to it!

Long Game Training (companion booklet series)
  • Goals for Your Game

  • Learning How to Learn

    Learning how to learn is a BIG deal. Understanding how the mind operates will help you achieve your goals. Christina explains the importance so you can see real change in your golf game.

  • BIG Grip Myth (hold it like a bird - nope)

    Were you told to hold the club like a bird (really loose)? I certainly was when I was learning the game. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Learn why you need a firm grip in this video featuring the TPI experts.

  • Lead Hand Grip Check

    Let’s check your lead hand connection to the club. Many players miss an important step which will rob you of value clubhead speed and accuracy with your shots.

  • Grip Address Assess Activity

    So this being Week 2 with a focus on the Grip, let’s go ahead and assess your extension at address using the awesome HACKMOTION and optional Straight Stick’s molded grip feature (links below).

    STEP 1: What is your grip: Weak, Neutral, Strong or Really Strong? This is critically important to kno...

  • Body Pivot Training

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    The Limited Edition Autographed More Pars Training Ball takes the guesswork out of your body pivots and important swing keys throughout the swing. All you’ll need is a wall to groove proper hip/butt and hand depth. Improve your wrist motion. Plus, you ...

  • Understanding the Butt Move

    During week 1 of the 5 Weeks to Awesome Ball Striking, we examined your ability to activate our glutes. This is why so you can use it to activate your legs which in turn activates more ground pressure for crazy power and speed..effortless.

  • Why I LOVE the BUTT MOVE (and you should too)

    If you want more pars, but have not pop off the face with your ball striking or you really struggle with solid strikes, let’s make sure you are engaging the butt. I share why I love it for my own swing!

  • Butt Move Inhibitors

    I share popular physical reasons why your butt move may be limited. Our brain needs to be able to turn on the butt muscles and if it can't you need to find out why.

  • Drill to Groove Hip Flexion using Toolbox

    The Butt Move is hip flexion. I do not like using the term hips because then players oftentimes just spin their hips which is the very last thing you want to do. Instead we need to engage the butt muscles. This drill using Martin’s awesome Toolbox helps get you there.

  • Are Ya Knee Diving?

    If you want more pars, let's identify if you're a knee diver. If you are, we need to fix ASAP because it shuts off your butt and core. If that happens you will not be able to leverage the ground pressure and most likely just move your mass.

  • How the Shoulders Move (avoid this BIG mistake)

    If you want more pars, but you're really struggling with contact. You top and chunk your shots. Your low point is all over the place, then let's take a look at your shoulders throughout the swing. They play a key role in helping you get through the shot. I share the yes in the no’s, so you can cl...

  • Identify Power Leaks

    These are your swing tendencies. We all have them. It’s important to identify them.
    Swing Characteristics
    Loss of Posture
    S- & C-Postures
    Reverse Spiners
    Sway & Sliders
    Over the Toppers
    Early Releasers & Extenders
    Chicken Wingers
    Hang Backers

  • How the Lead Hand Wrist Works

    This is a very important video to watch to help you clearly understand how the lead hand twists the club to help square it up. The lead wrist, clubface and body rotation are all pals and need to work together to make the swing work best.

  • Practice Wrists at Home

    If you want more pars, but struggle with consistency with your golf shots then let’s train the controller of the clubface, your lead wrist. You can do this practice session right at home! I am using #Hackmotion, It’s awesome and super easy. Especially good for newer players. You’ll also need a bu...

  • SWING ARC 101 let’s dive deep for that baby draw

    If you want more pars and that baby draw, but instead struggle from less than solid shots off the tee and fairway, let's take a close look at what the swing arc is and how that affects swing direction. From there, we’ll tackle the culprits that stand in the way of swinging in-to-out for that draw...

  • Time to Assess Your Long Game

    Use the Impact Stickers that came with your Training Set. Head to the range to begin your assessments. By getting a baseline of where you’e striking the ball, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you’ll focus on with your training. I suggest, working with a local pro or request guidance from Chr...

  • Routines & Performance

    What’s your process pre, during, and post shot? Is it holding you back or a champion for you?
    – Focus on target (not mechanics)
    – Commit to your selected plan
    – Ditch tension: part lips during swing
    – Manage self-talk (positive only)
    – Play in synchronicity (right brain vs left brain)


  • Practice Dispersion

    Dispersion patterns for approach shots and land spots in fairway based on skill level of player. A less skilled player will have a wider dispersion. A more skilled players, tighter dispersion. Find out yours by hitting 5 shots from the fairway to the green. Begin at 100 yards out and move out to ...

  • Know Your Yardages

    Know Your Numbers
    Carry and roll out based on your flight. We’ll chart your numbers too!


  • Doubt

    If you have any doubt of any kind, your swing will not be as efficient. Learn why and how to focus.

    Day2- CM-Doubt-V

  • CM-Target Focus

    What’s Your Target? Striking the ball solid is one thing. Getting the ball to your intended target is as important. Why? The object of the game is getting the ball to its target.