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Mobility - Warrior

Mobility • 56s

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  • Mobility - Ankles and Hammys with Band

    • Wrap a heavy band around bottom of foot
    • With bent knee, bring leg slowly into stretch, feeling pull in hamstring
    • Keep other leg straight or bent (a bent leg allows more range of motion)
    • Perform very slowly

  • Mobility - Dogs & Dolphins

    • Entire body engaged
    • Palm and fingers press firmly into the mat
    • Feet square or flared
    • Hips high with straight back and legs
    • If very tight, lift one heel up to target calves and hamstrings
    • Once you are limber, place forearms flat for a deeper stretch

  • Mobility - Rainbow for Torso

    • Sit with legs bent and hands behind back
    • Lift yourself onto one side
    • Reach up and back with your extended arm, creating a “rainbow” with your torso