This collection of exercises can be a stand-alone workout or mixed in with the More Pars Training collection of workouts. I highly recommend that you pair this with the More Pars Stability Fitness book. Mobility and stability are pals. You cannot have one without the other, especially for your golf game. By increasing your mobility, stability and strength through fitness, you’ll directly impact your ability to improve the efficiency of your golf swing.

Each exercise encompasses at least one of the Power Matrix (Vertical, Rotary, Chop, Wrist & Core Power), which represent the More Pars golf-specific training. We need all for an optimal golf swing. The key to success for any workout is clean form, performing with intensity and for short periods.


Gym or Home
Optional bands, balls and Cardiogolf slope
MIX IT UP AND HAVE FUN! Christina has created lots of fun programs such as Resistance Bands, Plyometerics, Bells & Bars, Power Lifting for Golfers, CardioGolf workouts and more!

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  • Welcome - More Pars Fitness Mobility & Stability

  • Mobility for Mid-Back

    A tight mid-back can wreak havoc on your golf swing. If you are very tight in your mid-back then chances are you are not able to create enough torso rotation during your backswing. You may also struggle with downswing rotation through to a powerful finish. Enter stage right… a handy towel!
    I also...

  • Mobility - Baker's Roll Out

    Baker’s roller comes in handy to rolling out your tight muscles

  • Mobility - Tennis Anyone?

    • Place ball under muscle that feel tight
    • Press down into ball to trigger the muscle
    • Hold, create small circular motions or move across the muscle fibers
    • Hold or roll until you feel the release

  • Stability with a MedBall

    • Place your feet on the center of a medball
    • Bridge up as high as you can and squeeze glutes at the top of the move to elevate higher
    • Keep hands on mat or raise overhead

  • Mobility for Spine with the CardioSlope

    The CardioSlope’s shape mirrors your spine. Lie down and take a nice siesta as your back opens up. Get it at

  • Mobility - Ankles on the Edge

    • Using a wedge or even your stairway, angle your foot with the heel down
    • Press in and up with body to add more stretch
    • Perform slowly and hold for 15 to 30 seconds

  • Mobility with a Golf Ball

    • Place ball under muscle that feel tight
    • Press down into ball to trigger the muscle
    • Hold, create small circular motions or move across the muscle fibers
    • Hold or roll until you feel the release

  • Mobility - Pigeon for Hips

    • Create a 90 degree angle with your leg (or allow it to bend if necessary)
    • Press hands firmly into leg
    • Keep torso tall and flatten bent leg against the mat
    • Fold over the bent leg

  • Mobility - Are you an Open Book?

    • Lie on your side with one arm on top of the other
    • Slowly open up your top side to the opposite side
    • Try to get your back flat against mat
    • Do not allow the knees to shift apart
    • Hold for a beat, return to position one and repeat for a few repetitions on one side. Then switch.

  • Mobility - Pretzel for Hips & Glutes

    • Cross your legs like a pretzel
    • Sit tall first, then hinge from your hips as you fall forward over the crossed legs
    • Walk your hands out to deepen the stretch
    • Hold for 10 to 60 seconds, then slowly release

  • Mobility - Quad Stretch

    • Position your leg at 90 degrees (or as close to it as you can)
    • Reach back to grab the top of your foot
    • Pull into you feeling the stretch in your quadriceps
    • Use the other hand to press into the mat to keep your torso tall and engaged for a better stretch

  • Mobility - Bird Dog

    • Begin on all fours
    • Extend opposite arm and leg outward as far as you can
    • Squeeze glutes
    • Hold for a beat and slowly return

  • Mobility - Chest Opener

    Opening up the chest will greatly improve your golf posture. Tight pecs can pull shoulders forward, creating C-Posture.

    • Lie on your stomach with one arm out-stretched
    • Press the other hand on mat to push into the extended arm
    • Slowly roll up—you won’t have to go far to feel th...

  • Mobility - Adducter Attention

    • From your knees, extend one leg out to the side
    • Keep foot square and flat
    • Rise up, then sit back into the hip area
    • Slowly sit back to feel the stretch

  • Mobility - 90/90 for Hips

    • Position your legs with 90 degree angles
    • Sit back and away slowly, feeling the subtle stretch deep within the hip joint
    • Add a torso stretch by rotating over the top leg

  • Mobility - A-Stretch for Torso

    • Place one arm between legs and press into with firm pressure
    • Place other hand behind neck
    • Maintaining firm pressure extend opposite arm up to sky
    • Hold for a beat, then slowly return and switch to other side

  • Mobility - Ankle Rolls

    • Slowly roll your foot outward until you feel a stretch in the top of your ankle
    • Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, then switch to the other leg

  • Mobility - Find Neutral

    • Start in S-Posture, move into C-Posture and back into S-Posture
    • Find neutral between the extremes of both postures
    • Keep spine neutral with a slight curve near the pelvis

  • Mobility - Wrists & Forearms

    • From your hands and knees, position your wrists so that your fingers face toward you
    • Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, then release
    • Position wrists so that your fingers face away from you
    • Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, then release

  • Mobility - Lower Back Massage

    • Wrap hands around bent knees
    • Bring knees to chest, but keep bottom (pelvis) on mat
    • Rock side to side, feeling a release in the lower back area

  • Mobility - Windmills

    • Step out into wide lunge
    • Tap ankle with opposite arm as the other arm windmills skyward
    • Lunged knee tracks over toe
    • Alternate between legs

    Lunge forward into a triangle pose.

  • Mobility Stir the Pot

    • Hinge from your hips, until your torso is parallel with a wide stance
    • Wide stance makes room for your arm to hang directly under your shoulder
    • Rotate your arm clockwise, then counter-clockwise, as if you are stirring a big pot of something delicious and not too hot.

  • Mobility - Hammy Walk

    • Hinge from hips as you extend one leg out
    • Slowly hinge your torso over the extended leg
    • Reach down toward ankle to deepen the stretch
    • Hold 5-10 seconds, then return to start position
    • Alternate legs for each stretch rep