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Power Training Series

Power Safety


Up Next in Section 1 - Understanding POWER

  • Understanding Your Muscles

    Muscles are created by the workouts that we do. Muscles are made up of fibers, lots and lots of them. Based on what we are asking our muscles to do, the command center— the Central Nervous System—will send the appropriate signals to get the job do...

  • Training for Power versus Training to...

    Training for Power versus Training to Look Good

    The difference between training for power and training to get just tone is how we train. The goal is to recruit more muscle fibers that will help us generate power in our golf game. The first step is to assess your current body now and to determine...

  • Golf Power - 4 Methods

    Your Power Training incorporates four major sources in the body, as they relate to golf: Vertical, Rotary, Chop and Wrist Power. You’ll train using four methods: Strength, Speed, Strength + Speed and Opposite Side.