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Power Training Series

Power Technique - Ep 4


Up Next in Section II - POWER TECHNIQUE

  • Power Technique - Ep 5

    Understanding Launch Direction & Launch Angle

    Identifying your launch angle is an essential step to increasing your distance off the tee. Launch angle looks at clubhead and ball speed, spin, carry, and landing angle using technology such as TrackMan. If you do not have access to TrackMan or simi...

  • Power Technique - Ep 6

    What is the swing plane? It's a titled circle. Understanding the variables of this swing arc that will effect your set-up, attack angle and ultimately distance and trajectory

    What is ATTACK ANGLE?

    The up or down movement of the club head at the time of maximum compression. Attack angle is me...

  • Power Technique - Ep 7

    Understanding Spin and Dimples
    What gets the ball up and on its merry way?