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Stability - Shoulder Taps

Stability Workout • 1m 4s

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  • Stability - Scapula Pro-Retracts for ...

    If you struggle with C-Posture at your address position, where
    your upper back has a rounded appearance, then this exercise
    is for you. It trains scapula mobility and stability.

    • Entire body engaged
    • From plank position, sink your shoulder blades inward (retract)
    • Push them back...

  • Stability - Band Pull Aparts for Posture

    This is a great posture developer by targeting your upper back
    muscles and scapula stability.

    • Grip the band underhand
    • Stretch the band backward—lead the movement with
    your hands, not the elbows
    • Squeeze your shoulder blades at the top of the move
    • Slowly release