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Stability - Triangle for Posture

Stability Workout • 1m 53s

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  • Stability - How to Hinge

    The ability to hinge is paramount for fitness movements and
    your golf swing. When your swing is off, it may be that you’re
    dipping your knees to create the hinge. This typically creates
    a C-Posture (butt-tuck with a rounded back.) Instead, grab a
    club and place it on your hips. With a straight ba...

  • Stability - Leg Raise + How-to-Squat

    • Place your hands in your hip joints, as you allow the torso to bend and face the mat
    • Send your behind back as you add knee flex
    • Drop down as low as you can go, keeping your
    knees within your toe line
    • Maintain lumbar curve throughout movement

  • Stability with a MedBall

    • Place your feet on the center of a medball
    • Bridge up as high as you can and squeeze glutes at the top of the move to elevate higher
    • Keep hands on mat or raise overhead