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Mobility - Adducter Attention

Mobility • 1m 56s

Up Next in Mobility

  • Mobility - 90/90 for Hips

    • Position your legs with 90 degree angles
    • Sit back and away slowly, feeling the subtle stretch deep within the hip joint
    • Add a torso stretch by rotating over the top leg

  • Mobility - A-Stretch for Torso

    • Place one arm between legs and press into with firm pressure
    • Place other hand behind neck
    • Maintaining firm pressure extend opposite arm up to sky
    • Hold for a beat, then slowly return and switch to other side

  • Mobility - Ankle Rolls

    • Slowly roll your foot outward until you feel a stretch in the top of your ankle
    • Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, then switch to the other leg