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Mobility - Lower Back Massage

Mobility • 50s

Up Next in Mobility

  • Mobility - Windmills

    • Step out into wide lunge
    • Tap ankle with opposite arm as the other arm windmills skyward
    • Lunged knee tracks over toe
    • Alternate between legs

    Lunge forward into a triangle pose.

  • Mobility Stir the Pot

    • Hinge from your hips, until your torso is parallel with a wide stance
    • Wide stance makes room for your arm to hang directly under your shoulder
    • Rotate your arm clockwise, then counter-clockwise, as if you are stirring a big pot of something delicious and not too hot.

  • Mobility - Hammy Walk

    • Hinge from hips as you extend one leg out
    • Slowly hinge your torso over the extended leg
    • Reach down toward ankle to deepen the stretch
    • Hold 5-10 seconds, then return to start position
    • Alternate legs for each stretch rep