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Mobility - Pretzel for Hips & Glutes

Mobility • 1m 10s

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  • Mobility - Quad Stretch

    • Position your leg at 90 degrees (or as close to it as you can)
    • Reach back to grab the top of your foot
    • Pull into you feeling the stretch in your quadriceps
    • Use the other hand to press into the mat to keep your torso tall and engaged for a better stretch

  • Mobility - Bird Dog

    • Begin on all fours
    • Extend opposite arm and leg outward as far as you can
    • Squeeze glutes
    • Hold for a beat and slowly return

  • Mobility - Chest Opener

    Opening up the chest will greatly improve your golf posture. Tight pecs can pull shoulders forward, creating C-Posture.

    • Lie on your stomach with one arm out-stretched
    • Press the other hand on mat to push into the extended arm
    • Slowly roll up—you won’t have to go far to feel th...