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Stability - Cobra Pushup

Stability Workout • 1m 17s

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  • Stability - Plank Bridge & Superman

    • Take a plank position on your forearms.
    • Extend one arm, while keeping your hips as level as possible
    1. Get as wide as you can to create a bridge with your body
    2. Fly like superman by squeezing glutes and raising arms and legs
    3. Back to forearm plank, lift one leg and hold, th...

  • Stability - One Arm Twist

    • Take a side plank position with your supporting elbow stacked directly under your shoulder
    • Rotate your torso until hips are fully facing mat
    • Repeat, then switch sides

  • Stability - Oblique Twist

    • Lie on your back with your arms and one leg extended
    • Mid- and lower torso in contact with the mat
    • With your hands in a prayer pose, reach over to the outer leg as far as you can reach
    • Return to center, then switch to the other side