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Mobility - Rainbow for Torso

Stability Workout • 40s

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  • Stability -Slip Slidin' Away

    • Take a plank position
    • Place a towel under your feet on a slick surface
    • Slide your feet forward, while maintaining a quiet torso
    • The goal is to keep your pelvis and spine at the same level throughout the movement.

  • Stability - Wide Elbow Squat

    The key is to maintain a tall torso with wide elbows and knees throughout the move.

    • Descend into a squat with hands by head and elbows wide
    • Hold this bottom position for as long as you can or perform squats
    • Hips descend below knees

  • Stability - Bridge Variations

    • Begin on back with hands by your sides
    • Rise hips up as far as you can, while keeping shoulders on mat
    • Hands on mat or above chest (more challenging)
    • Hold for a beat, then drop down with control