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Stability - Wide Elbow Squat

Stability Workout • 2m 52s

Up Next in Stability Workout

  • Stability - Bridge Variations

    • Begin on back with hands by your sides
    • Rise hips up as far as you can, while keeping shoulders on mat
    • Hands on mat or above chest (more challenging)
    • Hold for a beat, then drop down with control

  • Stability - Single Leg Pulses

    • Hinge from your hips from one leg
    • Allow torso to bend forward with hands reaching toward ground
    • Sink your bottom down until your top leg is parallel to the ground and your fingertips touch the mat
    • Rise back up and down in a pulse style move

  • Stability -Tricep Push-up

    • Lie on your side and place hand on shoulder
    • Other hand pressing into the mat with bent elbow
    • Press firmly into the mat with hand to raise your upper torso off mat
    • Extend elbow to full extension or as close as you can get to full lock out.
    • Slowly return to start position