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Stability -Twisted Chair

Stability Workout • 1m 31s

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  • Stability - Spiderman Pushup

    • Take a wide stance with your hands
    • Drop down into a push-up, sending elbows down toward your toes—never flare your elbows
    • Send one leg over to one side while you drop down into a push-up
    • Drive back up as one unit (head to toe engaged) to full extension, then repeat with othe...

  • Mobility - Rainbow for Torso

    • Sit with legs bent and hands behind back
    • Lift yourself onto one side
    • Reach up and back with your extended arm, creating a “rainbow” with your torso

  • Stability -Slip Slidin' Away

    • Take a plank position
    • Place a towel under your feet on a slick surface
    • Slide your feet forward, while maintaining a quiet torso
    • The goal is to keep your pelvis and spine at the same level throughout the movement.