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Watch this video and more on More Pars TV

PATTERN PHASE 1 with the Twitch Trainer

Twitch Trainer • 5m 16s

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    Now that you have trained rotational power, let's turn the big muscles on and condition them for more power by combining dynamic motion with swing patterns learned in Phase 1. The golf swing requires lateral and rotational components. The golf swing is 3-dimensional. Loading the big muscles to lo...

  • SPEED PHASE 3 with the Twitch Trainer

    Let's turn you V6 into V12 engine with the Twitch Speed Phase. We'll use The goal is to utilize momentum, change of direction and motion to drive a proper and faster rotational sequence. Let's program your neural-muscular system to explosive store and release energy more effectively. With the fa...

  • SKILL PHASE 4 with the Twitch Trainer

    Let's tie everything together and get golfish. The goal of Phase 4, is to connect your training with ball striking. By combining exercises from each phase, you'll be able to progressively set the body up to produce a new sequenced, powerful move into the golf ball. You can practice this in your b...