Explore and extensive library of topics whether off the tee and from the fairway.

  • Top 10 Long Game Tips

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    Check out Christina's top tips for your long game—a curated collection to address common student scenarios.

  • Grip
    12 items


    12 items

    The grip MUST be awesome, else your shots won't be. How we place our hands on the grip plays a significant role in how the club hinges and unhinges throughout the swing. So how we place our hands on the club is very important. So, let’s get to it.

  • Posture
    13 items


    13 items

    The Golf Swing is very athletic and requires a solid set up to produce and efficient movement pattern. The way in which we address the ball is what we call posture. For example, how we get into that address position by hinging from our hips, establishing the correct forward ben with our torso is ...

  • Bends & Tilts

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    Golf posture is made up of bends and tilts. Many players get half of this equation, but oftentimes, struggle with having the correct degree of forward bend, side bend from address to finish. So, let’s get to it.

    MORE PARS TIP: Get Coach help if you are unclear about this topic or would like a s...

  • Takeaway
    10 items


    10 items

    Once you’re set up is rock-solid, then your next point of focus should be the Takeaway. The Takeaway is a big deal because it sets the stage for the rest of the motion of the swing. In fact, the Takeaway greatly affects how that club face returns to the ball. So, let’s get to it.

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  • Backswing
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    10 items

    The backswing can be a mystery for many players. The reason is because when the club gets out of sight we lose the awareness of where that club is in space. It becomes much like the Twilight Zone. So in this playlist, let’s dive into what makes a great backswing, so you can stay out of that eery ...

  • Transition

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    The transition is a pain point for many players. Players get anxious and jump on the ball, or conversely, are not efficient with bending the back and downswing. The transition is simply a blend of the backswing + downswing. Players go off when they make the backswing and downswing to separate ent...

  • Downswing
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    10 items

    Many players go off track during the downswing because of what happened prior. So whether it’s an improper set up for the club in hand or a jumpy transition, this will affect the downswing so be sure to check out those playlists as well. In this playlist, we’ll dive into what makes a great backsw...

  • Impact
    22 items


    22 items

    Impact is the moment of truth. Impact is truly the essence of great ball striking. There are many ways to get to the ball, but there’s only one way to strike it. So, in this playlist will dive into what makes great impact. So, let’s get to it.

    MORE PARS TIP: Get Coach help if you are unclear abo...

  • Release
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    22 items

    Many players, are unclear about the Release. What is it really? How do I do it and when do I do it? So in this playlist, will dive into all those topics and get your burning questions answered. The Follow-Through is what happens just after you strike the ball. Where does the club exit? Do you hav...

  • Extension & Exit

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    What happen just past impact and into the follow-through. We call this extension and exit. Where does the club exit? Do you have extension and if not, why? So this playlist will make it clear on what the follow-through is and what to look for in your swing. So, let’s get to it.

  • Finish
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    7 items

    The finish is an underrated topic. Many players do not focus on the finish because they feel like they’re done with their swing once they hit the ball. What players don’t understand is that a good finish (a complete finish) keeps our clubhead speed elevated. Clubhead speed plus center face contac...

  • Accuracy & Consistency

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    Do you have pin-point accuracy from the tee to green? To achieve low scores, a player must be precise with their shot making from tee to green. In this playlist, let’s cover some of those essentials to get you more accurate with your ball striking. So, let’s get to it.

  • Wrists & Hinge

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    Understanding how the lead and trail wrist work independently and as a team is paramount for clubface control and solid ball striking. So, let's get to it.

  • No Distance (need more?)

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    In this playlist, we’ll focus on getting more distance. We’ll take a look at what the touring pros do so well, and what you can do to incorporate some of that into your game. Plus, we’ll cover what can go off and how to correct it. So, let’s get to it.

  • Set-Up from the Fairway

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    If you want to be a great ball striker, then you really need to focus on your set ups. A solid set up sets the stage for a great swing. A poor set up makes the golf swing too much work. A poor set-up is often the true cause of a player’s swing faults. By adjusting for example, your ball position ...

  • Lag Seekers

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    WHAT IS LAG (REALLY) AND HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? In this playlist, we’ll focus on lag. What it is, how much do you need and how to get it. We’ll cover what can go off and how to correct it. So, let’s get to it.

  • Tempo
    9 items


    9 items

    LEARN WHY TEMPO IS PARAMOUNT. In this playlist, we’ll focus on how players can get off track with their tempo. Tempo is the glue that puts all your awesome positions together. Tempo that is too slow or too fast can throw off the sequence of the swing. We’ll cover the popular culprits of what can ...

  • Swayers
    13 items


    13 items

    Are you a Swayer? A sway is defined as moving excessively during the backswing. We’ll cover popular culprits of why this can happen and how to correct it. So, let’s get to it.

  • Sliders
    8 items


    8 items

    Are you a slider? And I am not talking about those meatball sliders…A slider is defined as moving excessively toward the target during the downswing. We’ll cover popular culprits of why this can happen and how to correct it. So, let’s get to it.

  • Ground Pressure

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    Understanding Pressure - WHAT IT IS, WHEN TO DO IT AND HOW MUCH is paramount for more pars. Without the ground, there'd be no golf swing. With technology, we are no able to measure ground forces which is incredible. What’s been discovered with real date, is that the best players move their pressu...

  • Consistency

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    THE NUMBER ONE REQUEST FROM PLAYERS: “I want to be more consistent.” That is the number one request. To achieve this, a player must focus on their weak areas, set goals, get lessons and practice. So, let’s get to it.

  • Sequencing

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    The Golf Swing is an athletic movement that has a sequence very similar to movements such as skipping a rock, throwing a ball or throwing a punch while boxing. In fact, it is the same. The legs initiate the sequence followed by the torso then the arms and last to come is the club face. We’re play...

  • Face to Path

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    Understanding the relationship of your club’s face and your club’s path is a key step to understanding why the ball starts on a particular line. Plus, having command of fate and path opens up a whole new exciting world of ball sleigh capabilities. So, let’s get to it.